About Us

We Innovate the Way You Manage Your Business

It's all about growth! We provide consulting technology solutions to power your business, taking your brands worldwide

Overall Strategic Objective

We maximize our clients and our team of professionals to productivity, while enhancing, improving the process, procedures, and effectiveness of our client’s and customer’s product and services through ICT.


We are focused to attain a dynamic world-class ICT solution hub, powering creativity and innovation through information communication technology in Nigeria and Africa at large.


We provide innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the aspiration of our clients, partners and the government.

Core Values


We strive to abide by the virtues of integrity, honesty and meritocracy in all our activities.


We commit ourselves to working as a team, with broad-based consultation.


We embrace excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.


We maintain a sense of self respect, discipline, responsibility and organizational loyalty.


We endeavor to carry out our duties with commitment, dedication and professionalism.

How We’re Changing the Game with Inspiring Information Communication Technology

When it comes to innovation, we’re one step ahead

Our intuition keeps us ahead of curve, so by the time the next big thing comes around, we’re already prepared to help you implement it. We’ve always been proactive in gaining new knowledge and experience with our global remote and physical team that makes it easier to adapt to changes in the ever-evolving world of technology.

We’ll level with you no matter where you are

We understand every organization takes a different approach to technology, so we’ll speak in terms you understand and provide personalized training and support when you need it. We deliver service and technology hand-in-hand, so your team can work with long-term confidence and efficiency.

We “See Beyond” technology in everything we do

From the beginning, we’ve carried this philosophy with us inside and outside the office. We know our mission goes deeper than technology, and we strive to change communities for the better through thoughtful solutions. As a company and as individuals, we make it our priority to give back and keep businesses connected.

How We Work End-to-end Development:

– Explore: Dive deep into client’s requirements to determine the best solution.

– Materialize: Build and test a market-ready product using our creatively brave approach.

– Operate: Launch and continuously enhance product to meet the market’s changing needs.


– Build A Team: We configure, assemble, and manage a team specified to your requirements and set up knowledge transfer.

– Project Onboarding: We set up processes, hold onboarding sessions to brief the team about the project goals and expected outcome.

– Scale And Grow: We adjust the team size and structure at any time according to your needs and the project goals.

Where advanced technology meets outstanding service with integrity, That’s Reyes Definido Solutions.

Mobile Design

Mobile applications that configures a set of programs to perform and achieve diverse tasks that a business requires.

Web Design

In Web Design, the experience is amazing.

Artificial Intelligence

We and our partners leverage on artificial intelligence simulation of human intelligence

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