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Data Management System

We configure software solutions for organizations that handle the storage, retrieval, and updating of data in a computerized way and accessible anytime and anywhere;

We Build Robust And Scalable Data Management Solutions: Data Management applies collection, validation, storing, and accessibility of data to fuel AI solutions, data analytics systems, and business intelligence software. The efficiency and accuracy of each of those platforms vastly depend on the quality of data, ensured by reliable data engineering solutions and scalable data management processes. Well-tuned, effective, and secure big data management systems are the backbone and reason of success for outstanding data-driven companies: from disruptive startups to the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Database services such as:

  • Document Management Services
  • EDMS
  • Archive management
  • Document hardcopy conversion/scanning
  • Cloud computing services
  • Cloud storage
  • Disaster recovering
  • Virtualization
  • Alpha software
  • Data storage etc.

We utilization of a broad range of information security controls to protect databases against compromises of their confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It involves various types or categories of controls, such as technical, procedural/administrative, and maybe physical.

Advantages Of Modern Data Management Solutions:

Data quality:
Nowadays, when businesses constantly gather vast amounts of data, it needs to be analyzed and transformed to gain actionable insights—otherwise, it’s a waste of valuable information. Big data management services can help efficiently process and validate data, eliminate duplicates and incompatible versions, structure information by creating a rock-solid foundation for future analysis, and fuel BI and AI solutions to make intelligent data-driven decisions.

Data value:
Cutting-edge data management solutions enable the processing of enormous amounts of data, including audio, video, and other types of unstructured information in a matter of seconds. Huge volumes and unsupported data types aren’t the barriers anymore. Board members and key decision-makers can access the information immediately rather than waiting another month for a dedicated manager or legacy systems to craft a report.

Efficiency and automation:
Conventional data management approaches result in numerous data storages of inconsistent information that require significant time and effort to make use of it. Applying data engineering services and technologies leads to coherent big data management throughout the organization, empowering consumers to meet their information needs better, quicker, or even autonomously.

Data security and compliance:
Data security is crucial for every business—unencrypted, fragmented, and uncontrolled access levels can lead to data breaches and reputational and financial risks. Comprehensive data management services can help incorporate robust data security that ensures vital company information is backed up, encrypted, and stored in centralized and secure data storage. This allows conducting regular security audits and preventing unauthorized access and data leaks.

Big data management solutions:
Big data engineering and real-time processing
Building data pipelines that consolidate information from multiple sources, and processing the data according to extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) methodologies. Big data management solutions empower businesses with a single source of trusted information, automated data reporting, and instant data-driven decisions.

Data lakes and data warehousing:
Building, configuring or upgrading cloud-based data lakes and data warehouse solutions to store, manage and analyze information more efficiently. Data management storage can help address any data-related concern—from building a centralized data warehouse to reinforcing your existing system to have a high throughput and be more scalable, resilient, and secure.

Cloud-based big data management:
Configuring and implementing an off-the-shelf cloud solution from leading vendors such as Google, AWS, Azure, IBM to enable rapid deployment of holistic data engineering tools with minimal risk and implementation effort. Cloud-based data management platforms have the lowest entry barriers of cost, complexity, time-to-value, and they eliminate the risks inherent to the on-premises data warehouse.

Data migration:
Migrating data systems from an on-premise server to the cloud, from one enterprise system to another, and from various platforms, and analytic tools to optimize data storage and processing efficiency. Data migration solutions can transform every source into an enriched, relational data structure that allows your business to navigate big data better and make well-grounded decisions quicker.

Data governance and meta-data management:
Comprising a robust data catalog and ingesting descriptive information from various sources, presenting it as a consistent, reliable source. Master data management services can help eliminate duplicity, inconsistency, and make data much easier to find and process, increasing the information’s value and re-distributing the data to different systems.


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