Virtual Hybrid Event Platforms

Virtual Hybrid Event Platforms

Let’s organize your virtual hybrid events such as trade shows, exhibitions, access guidance from our in-house experts, measure your ROI, give sponsors top billing, networking that drives lead generation and Neben is Hybrid-Ready to help bring awesomeness to your events.

Trade Shows:
Establish thought leadership by bringing industry leaders and stakeholders together as part of experiential virtual & hybrid events. Showcase products using engaging videos, interactive demos and present industry trends using immersive live sessions using our virtual event solutions for trade shows. Leverage booths and lounge tables to get 1-1 time with potential customers and build connections with qualified leads that convert.

Ensure the right set of buyers and sellers connect with each other using our AI matchmaking algorithm. You can set up meetings between the top buyers and sellers as the organizer, even before the event starts. On our virtual event solutions for exhibitors, they can curate comprehensive product & brand information, ensuring their messaging stays clear. They can host visual product demonstrations in booths, monitor & reach out to visitors to convert hot leads.

Access guidance from our in-house experts:
Our white-glove service ensures that your event runs smoothly as planned. We stay by your side through each step of the process & tutor you throughout the process as needed. We host dry runs to ensure your virtual & hybrid events are seamless.

Measure your ROI:
Use robust analytics to track event KPIs to understand your event ROI. Keep tabs on the registrations, attendee engagement, networking, session attendance, and quality of leads. Share deep insights with sponsors and exhibitors to ensure they come back for follow-up activities.

Give sponsors top billing:
Shine spotlight on top-tier sponsors with attention-grabbing banner ads and sponsored ads that show alongside live sessions.
Sponsored lounge tables can become the center of the most engaging conversations among attendees.

Networking that drives lead generation:
Exhibitors can engage with prospects at their branded booths with immersive video conferencing or chat informally in our lounge area. Each visitor’s activity is logged and exhibitors can reach out to the most interested buyers with full context.

Exhibition in Mixed Reality is a democratized, convenient and economical way of doing Exhibition with distinct advantages:
• Elimination of the high cost of the physical venue, exhibition booth space
• Elimination of the tedious work and high cost relative to exhibition display – transportation/construction of show display – the setting up & tearing down
• Elimination of costs of travel, per diem expenses of the personnel involved in working on the exhibition
• Enhancement of the efficacy and time and cost efficiency of showing products and operation in an existing showroom and in a manufacturing facility and even operation in situ and in progress with live interaction – interview and discussion – with people at work operation;
• Greatly reduced carbon footprint relative to traditional, physical in-person exhibitions and conferences.

Neben is Hybrid-Ready:
Leveraging our virtual and live event experience, Neben offers everything you need to set up your next hybrid event from registration to executing a flawless evente


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