biometric installations

Biometric Device Supply and Installation

Reyes supplies and installs security identification and authentication devices. Such devices use automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. These characteristics include fingerprints, facial images, iris, and voice recognition.

Access Control
Ensuring Security from the Inside Out. Keep track of who’s coming and going from restricted rooms within your business with the assistance of our experts. We’ll help you create security solutions that fit your needs and facilities, including electronic access control (EAC) systems that simplify your cabling by integrating with your existing network. Our experienced team will collaborate across all channels to guarantee your system is implemented effectively.

Video Surveillance
Reyes’s video surveillance systems provide a new level of protection to your organization that increases confidence in the wellbeing of your information, facilities, and people. We design and install solutions that easily integrate with your existing network and can even be accessed from mobile devices.

As with any other Reyes solution, we will map out and explain in detail each component of the solution and how it supports your individual goals.


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